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Recent Science Highlights

Validating Computer-Designed Proteins for Vaccines

Computationally designed proteins that accurately mimic key viral structures can help produce better vaccines. The resulting protein structures, validated at the ALS, encourage the further development of this strategy for a variety of vaccine targets, including HIV and influenza.

Iron is the Key to Preserving Dinosaur Soft Tissue

Researchers studying organic material from dinosaur bones have been able to show that the samples contained original soft tissue material from Mesozoic dinosaurs. The x-ray techniques at the ALS were key to showing a possible mechanism for this unexpected preservation.

Infrared Mapping Helps Optimize Catalytic Reactions

A pathway to more effective and efficient synthesis of pharmaceuticals and other flow-reactor chemical products has been opened by a study in which, for the first time, the catalytic reactivity inside a microreactor was mapped in high resolution from start to finish.

A New Link Between Human and Bacterial Signaling Machinery

thumbWork reveals surprising evolutionary connection between bacterial signaling and human immunity.



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