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Recent Science Highlights

MOF Coating a Promising Path to White LEDs

Hu et al. designed a new yellow phosphor with high quantum yield by immobilizing a preslected chromophore into the rigid framework of a metal–organic framework (MOF); the structure was determined at Beamline 11.3.1. Coating a blue light-emitting diode (LED) with this compound readily generates white light with high luminous efficacy. The new yellow phosphor demonstrates great potential use in phosphor-converted white LEDs. Article link.

In Situ X-Ray Scattering Helps Optimize Printed Solar Cells

Printable plastic solar cells are a potential source of inexpensive renewable energy, but the transition from lab to factory results in decreased efficiency. Now, for the first time, a miniature solar-cell printer installed in a beamline allows researchers to use x-ray diffraction and scattering to figure out why.

New Technique Gives a Deeper Look into the Chemistry of Interfaces

A new technique developed at the ALS offers sub-nanometer resolution of every chemical element to be found at heterogeneous interfaces, such as those in batteries and fuel cells. The technique is very promising for measuring such important interfaces, with relevance to energy research, heterogeneous catalysis, electrochemistry, and atmospheric and environmental science.

Antiferromagnetic Spins Do The Twist

At ALS Beamline 4.0.2, researchers have found that the spins in an antiferromagnetic nanolayer perform a version of "The Twist," turning one way and then the other, challenging a model that has been a cornerstone of exchange-bias theory for 27 years.


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