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Recent Science Highlights

Peptoid Nanosheets Offer a Diversity of Functionalities

Researchers at the ALS have recently observed peptoid nanosheets—two-dimensional biomimetic materials with customizable properties—as they self-assemble at an oil–water interface. This new development opens the door to designing peptoid nanosheets of increasing structural complexity and chemical functionality for a broad range of applications, including improved chemical sensors and separators, and safer, more effective drug delivery vehicles.

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A Fullerene that Breaks the Rules

Scientists used small-molecule x-ray crystallography to verify and characterize the first non-functionalized fullerene with a heptagonal ring in the cage. This new molecule changes the definition of a classical fullerene and expands the range of structural possibilities for endohedral fullerenes.

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What Goes Up, Must Come Down (and Sometimes Gets Stuck)

High-pressure experiments at Beamline 12.2.2 on ferropericlase—the presumed weakest mineral found in the Earth's lower mantle—help explain why subducted slabs of Earth's crust stall at a depth of around 1000 km (~625 miles).

A Milky Mystery: The Case of the Casein Micelles

We all know that milk contains important nutrients such as calcium and protein that help build bones and muscle. But how much do we really know about these ingredients at the molecular level? To learn more, scientists from New Zealand and Australia came to the ALS to x-ray some milk.


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