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Recent Science Highlights

Space Dust Analysis Could Provide Clues to Solar System Origins

New studies of space dust captured by NASA’s Stardust Interstellar Dust Collector have shown that interstellar particles may be much more complex in structure and composition than previously thought. ­The tiny particles could give scientists chemical clues about the origins of our solar system.

Skyrmion Behavior Revealed by Two X-Ray Studies

Two research groups have recently published separate studies in which soft x-rays reveal how skyrmions—quasiparticles made up of spin vortices—react to external fields. Their work lays the foundation for understanding these fascinating constructs and eventually utilizing them in spintronic applications.

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For the Birds: The Magic of Color in Feathers

The beauty and wild colors of bird feathers are derived from the combinations of relatively few molecules. Research at the ALS shows that the expression of colors (or melanin), depends on the proportion of the molecules.

Validating Computer-Designed Proteins for Vaccines

Computationally designed proteins that accurately mimic key viral structures can help produce better vaccines. The resulting protein structures, validated at the ALS, encourage the further development of this strategy for a variety of vaccine targets, including HIV and influenza.

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