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Recent Science Highlights

Intriguing DNA Editor Has a Structural Trigger

The molecular structures of two proteins from a family of genome-editing enzymes reveal how they target and cleave DNA. The results point the way to the rational design of new and improved versions of the enzymes for basic research and genetic engineering.

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Graphene’s 3D Counterpart

ALS researchers have discovered a material that is essentially a 3D version of graphene—the 2D sheets of carbon through which electrons race at many times the speed at which they move through silicon. The discovery promises exciting new things to come for the high-­tech industry, including much faster transistors and far more compact hard drives.

An Inside Look at a MOF in Action

Researchers have recorded the first in situ electronic-structure observations of the adsorption of carbon dioxide inside Mg-MOF-74, an open-metal-site MOF that has emerged as one of the most promising materials for capturing and storing greenhouse gases.

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ALS Capabilities Reveal Multiple Functions of Ebola Virus

Researchers at the ALS have demonstrated that a protein of Ebola virus, termed VP40, undergoes dramatic refolding rearrangements to achieve three entirely different structures for three entirely separate functions in the virus life cycle.

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