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Recent Science Highlights

An Inside Look at a MOF in Action

Researchers have recorded the first in situ electronic-structure observations of the adsorption of carbon dioxide inside Mg-MOF-74, an open-metal-site MOF that has emerged as one of the most promising materials for capturing and storing greenhouse gases.

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ALS Capabilities Reveal Multiple Functions of Ebola Virus

Researchers at the ALS have demonstrated that a protein of Ebola virus, termed VP40, undergoes dramatic refolding rearrangements to achieve three entirely different structures for three entirely separate functions in the virus life cycle.

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Covalent Bonding in Actinide Sandwich Molecules

STXM studies have revealed unexpected bonding interactions in two key organometallic actinide "sandwich" complexes. The results serve as a guide to show how metal–carbon bonding can profoundly affect the reactivity and physical properties of organometallic molecules, which are vital as industrial and bioinorganic catalysts.

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New ALS Technique Gives Nanoscale Views of Complex Systems

ALS researchers recently developed a broadband imaging technique that looks inside the mesoscale realm with unprecedented sensitivity and range. The new technique, called Synchrotron Infrared Nano-Spectroscopy (SINS), will enable in-depth study of complex molecular systems, including liquid batteries, living cells, novel electronic materials, and stardust.

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