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About the ALS Print

Quick Facts
An overview of how the ALS works, its science, funding, capabilities, and history.

Mission Statement

"Support users in doing outstanding science in a safe environment."

ALS in the News
Recent stories, press releases, and images featuring ALS staff, users, and science. You can also view ALS visitors and award recipients.

Strategic Plan
Roadmap for the renewal of ALS facility and scientific programs.


ALS organization chart; associated scientific and technical groups including Experimental Systems (ESG), Scientific Support (SSG), and Accelerator Physics.

Advisory Panels

ALS scientific and user advisory committees including the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), Users' Executive Committee (UEC), and the Proposal Study Panels (PSPs).


A selection of photos, videos, and articles about the history of the ALS.


The rapid growth in user communities requiring faster, brighter pulses of x rays is challenging scientists to develop a next generation light source. (pages under construction)