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Calendar: ALS Calendar
Title: ALS-CXRO Seminar: Hilmar Koerner
When: 07/ 8/2013 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Description: "Soft Matter Materials for Air Force Applications"

I will give an overview of the Air Force Research Laboratory, then focus on research carried out at our Soft Matter Materials Branch, which is part of the Functional Materials Division.
As one highlight I will present recent work on Single Component Nanocomposites as potential materials for dielectrics, flexible electronics, capacitors. I will finish the presentation with an overview of research areas that take advantage of in-situ characterization methods at synchrotron sources (Energy, Bio, Adaptive-Responsive Materials, Nanoparticle Growth/Assembly, Organic Matrix Composites).
Location: 6-2202-CR(20)
Author: Jason Templer