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Calendar: ALS Calendar
Title: ALS-CXRO Seminar: Challenges of Optics for High Repetition Rate XFEL Source - Liubov Samoylova
When: 02/12/2013 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Description: ALS/CXRO Special Seminar:

Challenges of Optics for High Repetition Rate XFEL Source
Liubov Samoylova, European XFEL GmbH, Hamburg Germany

Tuesday February 12 @ 10am
15-253 Conference Room

The European X-ray Free Electron Laser will come into operation in three years. Due to its superconductive accelerator technology, the XFEL radiation will be obtained in the form of intense 0.6 ms long pulse trains with 10 Hz repetition rate and consist in turn of 2700 x-ray fs pulses. Total energy of one pulse train is about 5 J at 12keV and 30 J at 0.8 keV. The train averaged power is therefore several orders of magnitude higher than that from other existing sources. This opens many exciting opportunities in various areas, such as spectroscopy, plasma physics, time resolving applications, lensless diffraction imaging, etc. The envisioned applications require beamline optics that can bear extreme heat load and provide reliable control, preservation, and tailoring of X-ray wavefronts, coherence properties, and beam time structure.
Design and development of the XFEL grazing incidence optics cannot rely on solutions standard for synchrotron radiation facilities. A common ray tracing approach can also only be employed for a preliminary qualitative design. Practical optical calculation for the XFEL radiation must be made with the help of wave front propagation simulations.
In the talk, I shall give a short review of available wave optics tools capable of dealing with these tasks and show some examples of wavefront propagation calculations for XFEL optics, including a grating monochromator at the soft X-ray beamline SASE3. Further developments, in particular the incorporation of full-scale metrology data into modeling, will be also discussed.
Location: 15-253-CR(80)
Author: Jason Templer