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Calendar: ALS Calendar
Title: ALS-CXRO Seminar Series | Paul Kim
When: 07/17/2013 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Description: ALS/CXRO Seminar Series

Wed, July 17, 2013
15-253 Conf Rm

Peter Fischer/Jinghua Guo

Presented by:
Myung K. "Paul" Kim
USF Tampa

Digital holography for microscopy to astronomy

In digital holography (DH), the holographic interference pattern is captured on a CCD and the image is reconstructed numerically inside a computer. This leads to a number of distinctive capabilities that are not available in conventional or analog holography. For example, the direct numerical access to the optical phase profile affords highly precise and versatile means of quantitative phase microscopy of biological cells and microstructures. Recently, a unique DH technique has been developed that makes it possible to obtain holography of incoherently illuminated objects, including fluorescence, daylight-illuminated scenes, and astronomical objects. An overview of these exciting developments will be presented, as well as possible extensions in x-ray and other parts of the radiation spectrum.

•Myung K. Kim, "Full color natural light holographic camera," Opt. Express 21, 9636-9642 (2013)
•MK Kim, “Adaptive optics by incoherent digital holography,” Opt. Lett. 37, 2694-2696 (2012).
•M.K. Kim, “Principles and techniques of digital holographic microscopy,” SPIE Reviews 1, 018005-1~50 (2010)

Digital holographic adaptive optics by measurement and compensation of aberration
by SIDH (self-interference incoherent digital holography)
Location: 15-253-CR(80)