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Lots of changes have been happening in the ALS User Office over the last couple of months: users will find that a familiar face is gone and new ones are there to welcome them and help complete their registration.

Sharon Fujimura, who has worked in the ALS User Office since the start of ALS operations, retires at the end of June. Sharon manned the Reception Desk in the mezzanine and was renowned for her sense of humor and efficient user registration technique. Staff and users would like to thank Sharon for her dedication to supporting users over the years and  wish her a long and happy retirement.

deborah smith graduation

The User Office is happy to welcome Giselle Jiles, who began in early June as Sharon's replacement. Giselle was previously admissions director at St. Joseph's High School in the Bay area.

We are also very proud of Deborah Smith, supervisor of the User Office, who has recently graduated with a liberal arts associate degree from Berkeley City College, and who is progressing to her Bachelor's degree at JFK University.