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NUFO Science Exhibition on Capitol Hill Draws Congressmen, Crowds Print

At the invitation of the House Science and National Labs Caucus, the National User Facility Organization (NUFO) organized a science exhibition to highlight and demonstrate the work done at national user facilities. Held June 26 at the Rayburn House office building on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., the exhibition included a number of live demonstrations, videos, and posters in line with its theme, "Energy, Health, and Innovation." It was open to all congressional and senate staff and representatives, as well as the public. All the attendees were excited to learn about user facilities via live science demonstrations. Seven congressional representatives took the time to attend, and over 130 business cards were collected from attendees. ALS representatives in attendance were Prof. Andrew McElrone (USDA-ARS, UC Davis) and Dr. Sue Bailey (ALS User Services Group Leader and NUFO steering committee member).

See the flickr album for more photos. (All flickr photos courtesy of David Gilbert.)

In addition to the exhibition, users from Berkeley Lab user facilities visited 10 Californian congressional offices to describe their research, its importance for California, and why user facilities are needed for their work. McElrone explained how his work looks at the effects of drought on grape vine growth, the vines' water requirements, and the potential to enable water conservation--a critical issue in California (the new ALS Beamline 8.3.2 video features this research).

The ALS is always looking for users with good science stories to showcase during congressional visits. Please contact Sue Bailey if you have ideas for future stories, particularly those that demonstrate how research leads to innovations that change lives.

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