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Our Youngest Users Win Big at Maker Faire Print

christine mytkoOver the last couple of months we have been telling the story of Black Pine Circle teacher Chris Mytko (left) and her intrepid group of grade-seven students who came to the ALS to conduct experiments and then recreated their results using 3D printing. Their story continues this month with the happy news that while showing the results of their work and the techniques that they used at the Maker Faire held in San Mateo, May 17-18, they were awarded both the "Editor's Choice" and "Best in Class" awards. The awards are described as follows

Editor's Choice (Blue ribbon)
"The staff of MAKE and Maker Faire award Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Ribbons to the Makers that have demonstrated great creativity, ingenuity and innovation for their Maker Faire project. These ribbons are handed out at each event and signify the highlights of Maker Faire."

Best in Class (Red ribbon)
A best in education ribbon

The Maker Faire attracts more than 120,000 attendees annually, and this year had more than 900 "Makers" or participants.

Read more about Christine and her students at Students Get a Taste of ALS User Experience, and watch a video of their experiences at the ALS.

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