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Beamlines Directory

List of ALS beamlines, techniques, energy ranges, beamline scientists' contact information, and individual beamline schedules. The ALS Beamclock and links to the ALS Energy-Related Beamlines poster and beamclock are also available.

Beam Status

Current status of the ALS accelerator, updated every minute. Instructions on how to get beam status updates via Twitter @ALSRingStatus or text messages, and request form for beam history information.

Research Techniques

Research techniques and the corresponding beamlines where they are available (under construction).


Weekly user schedulecurrent and upcoming long-term operating schedules; individual beamline long-term schedules can be found on the ALS Beamlines Directory.

Photon Source Parameters

Brightness curves for bend magnet, superbend, and insertion devices. Insertion devices information includes energy ranges, number of periods, period length and operating gap ranges for ALS undulators and wigglers.

Storage Ring Parameters

General technical information horizontal and vertical lattice functions, and arc lattice functions (normal and superbends.)