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A complete ALS organization chart (July 2016) is available in PDF.

Appointed and elected members of advisory panels provide guidance to Berkeley Lab and ALS management in developing the ALS scientific and user programs.


ALS Staff Photo

staff photo thumbClick on the image to see a recent photo of ALS staff in front of the dome. The photo was taken on May 14, 2013.





ALS Management and Advisory Team


Roger Falcone, Director

Steve Kevan, Deputy Division Director, Science

Michael J. Banda, Deputy Division Director, Operations

Janos Kirz, Scientific Advisor

Paul Adams, Division Deputy for Biosciences


ALS Scientific, Technical, and User Support Groups


Accelerator Physics

The Accelerator Physics Group is responsible for providing electron beams that produce the desired quantity and quality of photon beams. This group also operates the diagnostic photon beamline, develops accelerator diagnostics, and produces specialized control system software.


ALS Communications Group

The ALS Communications Group promotes the scientific and technical achievements of ALS staff and users to the scientific community, government agencies and stakeholders, the media, and to the general public, teachers and students via web, multimedia, print and online publications, annual reports and monthly newsletters, and extensive outreach activities.


The Controls Group is responsible for the remote actuation, automatic control, status reporting, and archiving of the accelerators and beamline systems.


Experimental Systems

The Experimental Systems Group (ESG) is responsible for the design and development of new beamlines and endstation instrumentation, as well as for developing new applications of synchrotron radiation and new user communities. Areas of special interest are insertion device research and development, and optical metrology.



The Operations Group is responsible for all operational aspects involving the ALS accelerators 24 hours per day, and for photon beamline operation.


Scientific Support

The Scientific Support Group (SSG) provides scientific and technical support to ALS users. The group assists users in performing experiments involving sophisticated instrumentation and in the use of state-of -the-art data analysis tools.


User Services

The User Services Group provides the interface between the ALS and its users. The User Services Administration section of this group provides organizational, administrative, and housing assistance to users. The ALS Communications section is responsible for the ALS Web site, the annual Activity Report, and other information and scientific and educational outreach programs.