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CORPES 11: International Workshop on Strong Correlations and Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy Print

July 18–22, 2011

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California

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Attendees participated in a poster session  Thursday on the ALS patio, engaging in conversations over lunch and at the posters.

An international workshop entitled “Strong Correlations and Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy”, or CORPES11, was held at Berkeley Lab from July 18-22, 2011. This workshop, following the successful versions in Dresden, Germany (2005, 2007) and at the Swiss Light Source (2009), brought together approximately 120 of the world’s leaders in both experiment and theory in this active and exciting area. Highlights included invited talks from this year’s Oliver E. Buckley Prize winners Zhi-Xun Shen (Stanford), Peter Johnson (Brookhaven), and Juan Carlos Campuzano (Argonne) as well as many talks on the newly discovered topological insulators. A number of talks on Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS) and ultrafast time-resolved photoemission were also popular, representing the growth of these important new fields of research.

Young researcher poster award winners, from left; Andrew Wray (LBNL), Nicholas Plumb (Paul Scherrer Institut), Naota Tsuji (ETH, Zurich).


Participants praised the high quality of research presented, the intimate atmosphere, and the ample time for discussion, generally centering around the poster sessions. Poster awards for young researchers were awarded to Nicholas Plumb (Paul Scherrer Institut), Naota Tsuji (ETH, Zurich), and Andrew Wray (Berkeley Lab).

The conference co-chairs, Dan Dessau (University of Colorado) and Zahid Hussain (Berkeley Lab), would like to thank program committee members Philipp Aebi, Konrad Matho, Luc Patthey, Michael Potthoff, Kenya Shimada, Takami Tohyama, as well as James McDaniel, Derrick Crofoot, and Todd Anderson for their support. A big thank you to Joy Kono, Jill Stark, Mayra Rivas, Grace Covarrubias, Cynthia Perez, and Adriana Reza for their invaluable administrative support. We look forward to CORPES13, which will be held in beautiful Hamburg in July 2013!