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2014 ALS User Meeting Workshops


  • High-Performance Software, Workflows, and Visualization for Synchrotrons
    Alexander Hexemer, Dula Parkinson, David Shapiro, Alastair MacDowell (ALS-LBNL), Craig Tull (CRD-LBNL)   
    1-1/2 day
  • CAMERA Tutorial for Real Time High Performance Ptychops Software
    S. Marchesini, D. Shapiro (ALS-LBNL), H. Krishnan, F. Maia (NERSC)
    1/2 day
  • Better Detectors for ALS - Today and Tomorrow
    Peter Denes (LDPS-LBNL), Howard Padmore (ALS-LBNL)    
    1/2 day
  • Chemistry at the Advanced Light Source
    Musahid Ahmed, Hendrik Bluhm, Selim Alayoglu, Oleg Kostko (CSD-LBNL)   
    1-1/2 day
  • Advances in Infrared Science at the ALS
    Michael Martin, Hans Bechtel (ALS-LBNL), Lisa Miller (BNL)    
    1 day
  • Probing Magnetic Heterogeneity with Soft X-Rays at ALS
    Elke Arenholz, Andreas Scholl, Sujoy Roy (ALS-LBNL)   
    1-1/2 day
  • Progress in Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering (RIXS): Science, Instrumentation, and Outlook
    Yi-De Chuang, Tony Warwick, Howard Padmore, Zahid Hussain (ALS-LBNL)   
    1 day
  • Strongly Correlated Topological Insulators
    Jonathan Denlinger, Sung-Kwan Mo (ALS-LBNL)  
    1-1/2 day
  • Prediction and Interpretation of Core-Level Spectroscopy
    David Prendergast (MSD-LBNL)   
    1 day
  • Tackling Grand Challenges of Energy Storage and Conversion Materials
    Wanli Yang, Jinghua Guo, Ethan Crumlin, Zahid Hussain (ALS-LBNL), Jonathan Lee, Michael Bagge-Hansen (LLNL), Suntharampillai Thevuthasan (PNNL), Francesca Toma (CSD-LBNL), Junko Yano (PBD_LBNL), Christian Kisielowski (MSD-LBNL)   
    1-1/2 day
  • Scattering at Sulfur and Phosphor Edges
    Alexander Hexemer, Cheng Wang, Chenhui Zhu (ALS-LBNL), Petrus Zwart (PBD-LBNL)   
    1 day
  • Frontiers in Biological SAXS
    Michal Hammel, Greg Hura (PBD-LBNL)   
    1-1/2 day
  • X-Ray Footprinting at the ALS: New Opportunities in Structural Biology
    Sayan Gupta, Corie Ralston (PBD-LBNL)   
    1/2 day
  • Synchrotron Spectroscopy of Actinides and other Radioactive Elements
    Stosh Kozimor (LANL), David Shuh (MES-LBNL)    
    1 day, at SLAC

Link to Google Docs for Workshops updates.