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Our monthly electronic newsletter with links to Science Highlights, Ring Leaders, features, and ALSNews Archives dating back to 1995.

General Publications

Various ALS publications including Spectrum, ALS Activity Reports, Photon Science for Renewable Energy, the X-Ray Data Booklet, the Beamline Design Guide, as well as various brochures, reports, white papers, safety information.

Strategic Plan

The latest draft of the updated ALS Strategic Plan, updated March 30, 2009.

ALS in the News

Press releases and links to various news media featuring ALS science and members of the ALS community. Also see information and photos of recent scientific award recipients and visitors to the ALS.

ALS Communications Group
Responsible for promoting ALS scientific and technical achievements to diverse audiences via web, multimedia, print and online reports, and outreach activities. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.


Recent Journal Articles

A list of published refereed journal articles of work done in whole or in part at the ALS. Search publications by author, beamline, year etc.

Author Guidelines
Requirements for the submission of papers based on work at the ALS including ALS Acknowledgment Statement.

Search Publications

Search ALS publications by author name, beamline number, publication year, or journal name.

Report Publications, Awards, Talks

Guidelines for reporting published papers, conference presentations, awards, invited lectures, theses, patents, books, and book chapters into the the ALS Publications Database.