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2012 ALS User Meeting Workshops










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User Meeting Archives

Users' Executive Committee


Advanced Characterization of Critical Magnetic Materials
Catherine Jenkins, Peter Fischer, Elke Arenholz, and David Shuh (LBNL)
67-3111 (Wed.)

Automating Tomographic Data Analysis: Transfer, Storage, Processing, and Simulation
Dula Parkinson (LBNL)
2-400F (Tues.)

Coherent X-Ray Scattering of Complex Multifunctional Materials (COSMIC Scattering)
Sujoy Roy (LBNL), Josh Turner (SLAC), Oleg Shpyrko (UCSD) and Steve Kevan (University of Oregon,  LBNL)
15-300 (Wed.)

The Future of Micro-XAS at the ALS
Peter Nico (LBNL) and Brandy Toner (University of Minnesota)
6-1105 (Tues.)

Alexander Hexemer (LBNL) and Joseph Strzalka (Advanced Photon Source)
90-0026 (Tues., Wed.)

New Capabilities at the BCSB Protein Crystallography Beamlines: How to Get the Best Data from the Worst Crystals
Corie Ralston and Peter Zwart (LBNL)
6-1105 (Wed.)

New Directions in Probing Chemistry and Physics with Lasers and Synchrotrons
Musa Ahmed and Kevin Wilson (LBNL)
15-253 (Tues., Wed.)

New Science at Beamlines 6.0.1 and 6.0.2
Andreas Scholl, Thornton E. Glover, and Marcus Hertlein (LBNL)
80-234 (Tues., Wed.)

Novel Opportunities for Materials Crystallography at the ALS
Martin Kunz, Nobumichi Tamura, Christine Beavers, Simon Teat, Alastair MacDowell (LBNL), and Oliver Tschauner (UNLV)
6-2202 (Tues.)

Opportunities for Ultra-High Resolution Spectro-Microscopy at the New COSMIC Beamline (COSMIC Imaging)
David Shapiro, Stefano Marchesini, David Kilcoyne, Tolek Tyliszczak, Cheng Wang, and Alexander Hexemer (LBNL)
2-100B (Tues., Wed.)

Michal Hammel, Greg Hura, and Robert Rambo (LBNL)
50 Auditorium (Tues., Wed.)

Spectroscopy and Theory for Studying Electronic Structure of Lithium Battery Materials
Wanli Yang, Zhi Liu, Jinghua Guo, and Zahid Hussain (LBNL)
54-130 (Wed.)

Theory Institute for Photon Sciences
David Prendergast, Tom Devereaux, Arun Bansil, Zahid Hussain (LBNL)
6-2202 (Wed.)