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ALS Postdoctoral Fellowship Highlights Print
Thursday, 07 March 2013 12:54

Since its inception in 2005, the ALS Postdoctoral Fellowship program has supported young scientists in new and ongoing research projects at the ALS. In many cases, the postdoctoral fellows were also supported by collaborating institutions.

These postdoc "highlights" —listed chronologically—feature a description of their projects while at the ALS, resulting publications, and their current positions and research activities.



Name Year/Beamline Project

Collaborating Institution(s)

Current Position


Shrawan Mishra
M. Tech, Ph.D. Physics



Development of new soft x-ray based coherent scattering methods

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University of Oregon Postdoc Fellow,


Yi Zhang
Ph.D., Physics


2011-present (04/2014)

BL 10.0.1

Development of molecular- beam epitaxy (MBE) thin film growth capability

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Stanford University

Postdoc Fellow, ALS


Keun Su Kim
Ph.D., Physics


BL 7.0.1


Exploring the complementary aspects of STM and ARPES

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Fritz Haber Institute, Berlin; 
Yonsei University, Korea
Staff Scientist, ALS

L. Andrew Wray 
Ph.D., Physics


BL 4.0.3 (MERLIN)

Helped to commission Beamline 4.0.3 and developed essential experimental protocols for tasks such as data analysis, minimization of scattering artifacts, and optimal operation of x-ray emission spectrograph.

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Princeton University SLAC


Padraic C. Shafer
Ph.D., Materials Science


BL 4.0.2

A new experimental setup that allows resonant soft x-ray scattering experiments in high magnetic fields for the study of correlated electron systems.

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UC Berkeley Staff Scientist, ALS


Christine M. Beavers
Ph.D., Chemistry


BL 11.3.1

Fullerene structure determination and high-pressure chemical crystallography.

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UC Davis Staff Scientist, ALS


Chris Jozwiak, Ph.D., Physics


BL 7.0

Development of high resolution spin-ARPES.

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UC Berkeley Staff Scientist, ALS


Jessica McChesney
PhD., Physics


BL 7.0

Interactions of graphene with adsorbates.

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Montana State University Staff Scientist, Advanced Photon Source

Eddie C. Red
Ph.D., Physics


BL 10.0.1

Helped develop a low energy photoelectron velocity map imaging spectrometer to measure near-zero kinetic energy photoelectron angular resolved distributions from atoms and molecules.

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LBNL Assistant Professor, Morehouse College

Ferenc Borondics
Ph.D., Physics


BL 7.0

Very low-temperature optical measurements and optical conductivity of graphene.

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Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary Beamline Scientist, Canadian Light Source


Taisuke Ohta
Ph.D., Physics


BL 7.0

Synthesis and characterization of graphene.

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Fritz-Haber Institute Staff Scientist, Sandia National Laboratory


Aaron Bostick
Ph.D, Physics


BL 7.0

Development of NanoARPES technique.

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Montana State University Staff Scientist, ALS