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2012 User Meeting Agenda Print
Wednesday, 11 July 2012 23:56











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User Meeting Archives

Users' Executive Committee




The 2012 ALS User Meeting was held Monday, October 8 through Wednesday, October 10. Some of the plenary talks were streamed, and with the speaker's permission, are linked and posted below.

Monday, October 8
07:30 Registration, Continental Breakfast
Building 50 Auditorium
Session Chair: Brandy Toner, University of Minnesota
08:25 UEC Welcome, Meeting Logistics Brandy Toner, University of Minnesota
08:30 LBNL Welcome Horst Simon, LBNL
08:40 ALS: Progress and Prospects Roger Falcone, LBNL
09:10 Basic Energy Sciences Update Harriet Kung, DOE
09:40 Break
Session Chair: Peter Nico, LBNL
10:00 Keynote
Science on the Hill: Building Support One Member of Congress at a Time
Don Medley, LBNL
10:30 Keynote
Bad Presentation Bingo: The Game You Don't Want to Win!
Monica Metzler, Illinois Science Council
11:15 Keynote
What's Next for Metal Organic Frameworks?
Omar Yaghi, Molecular Foundry, LBNL
12:00 Lunch
ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent
DOE-UEC Meeting (6-2202)
Session Chair: David Osborn, Sandia
13:30 Science Highlight
Mapping the Amorphous-to-Crystalline Transitions in CaCO3 Biominerals, with 20-nm Resolution
Pupa Gilbert, University of Wisconsin
13:55 User Services Update Sue Bailey, LBNL

Accelerator Status and Plans

David Robin, LBNL
14:30 Safety Updates Jim Floyd, LBNL
14:40 UEC Town Hall Brandy Toner, UEC
15:05 Break
Session Chair: Hendrik Bluhm, LBNL
15:15 UEC Town Hall Wrap-Up
15:20 Science Highlight

Hidden Symmetries in Magnetic Domains

Steve Kevan, LBNL
15:45 Poster Slam: Student Poster Competition Hendrik Bluhm, LBNL
16:15 Keynote

Materials, Components, Interfaces, Devices, and Systems for Solar Fuels Generation

Nate Lewis, Caltech
17:00 Poster Session, Student Poster Competition, and Reception. ALS Patio and Exhibitors' Tent.
19:30 Conclusion of Poster Session; Buses to Downtown
Tuesday, October 9
08:00 Continental Breakfast, Registration
Building 50 Auditorium
Session Chair: Yves Idzerda, University of Montana

Shirley Award Talk

09:15 Student Poster Award Talk TBA
09:45 Break
Session Chair: Chris Cappa, UC Davis

Science Highlight

Probing the Structure and Properties of Structural Materials—Both Engineering and Biological—At Multiple Length-Scales

Robert (Rob) Ritchie, LBNL and UC Berkeley

Science Highlight

Key Electronic States in Lithium-Ion Battery Materials

Wanli Yang, LBNL

Science Highlight

Exploring Structural and Functional Aspects of Plant Water Transport with X-Ray Microtomography

Andrew McElrone, UC Davis


Science Highlight

Nineteen Years of Photoemission at Beamline 7

Eli Rotenberg, LBNL
11:40 Berkeley Lab Director Address Paul Alivisatos, LBNL
12:00 Lunch 
ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent
13:30 2012 User Meeting Workshops
15:15 Break
15:30 2012 User Meeting Workshops
17:00 Awards Dinner
19:30 Conclusion of Awards Dinner; Buses to Downtown
Wednesday, October 10
08:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast
ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent
08:30 2012 User Meeting Workshops
Morning Break (see individual workshop agendas for times)
12:00 Lunch
ALS Patio
13:00 2012 User Meeting Workshops
Afternoon Break (see individual workshop agendas for times)