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2013 Agenda Print
Monday, 08 July 2013 10:16











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2013 Tentative Agenda


Monday, October  7
07:30 Registration, Continental Breakfast
Building 50 Auditorium
Session Chair: Corie Ralston, LBNL
08:25 UEC Welcome, Meeting Logistics Corie Ralston, LBNL
08:30 LBNL Welcome Paul Alivisatos, LBNL
08:40 ALS: Progress and Prospects Roger Falcone, LBNL
09:10 DOE Update James Murphy, DOE
09:40 Break
Session Chair: Scott Classen, LBNL
10:00 Keynote

Energy Storage Science: Challenges and Opportunities

George Crabtree, ANL
10:30 Keynote

Past, Present and Future of Scholarly Communication

Michael Eisen, UC Berkeley
11:00 Keynote

ALS Construction Project History


Jim Krupnick, LBNL
11:30 Keynote

High-Resolution Structures of the Ribosome

Jamie Cate, UC Berkeley
12:00 Lunch and Exhibitors
ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent
DOE-UEC Meeting (6-2202)
Session Chair: Kevin McCarty, Sandia
13:15 National User Facility Organization Yves Idzerda, Montana State U
13:30 User Services Update Sue Bailey, LBNL
13:45 ALS Accelerator Update David Robin, LBNL

A Diffraction-Limited Light Source: Accelerator

Christoph Steier, LBNL
14:45 A Diffraction-Limited Light Source: Science Steve Kevan, LBNL
15:15 UEC Town Hall
Small group discussions
Corie Ralston, UEC
15:30 Break
Session Chair: Yves Idzerda, Montana State U.
15:45 UEC Town Hall Wrap-Up Corie Ralston, UEC
16:05 Science Highlight 1

Crystals?  Structural Biology in the 21st Century

Peter Moore, Yale
16:30 Poster Slam: Student Poster Competition Yves Idzerda, Montana State U.
17:00 Poster Session, Student Poster Competition, and Reception. ALS Patio and Exhibitors' Tent.
19:30 Conclusion of Poster Session; Buses to Downtown Berkeley, BART
Tuesday, October 8
08:00 Continental Breakfast, Registration
Building 50 Auditorium
Session Chairs: Adam Hitchcock, McMaster U., and Mahati Chintapalli, UC Berkeley

Science Highlight 2

X-Ray Measurements of Nano-to-Mesoscale Structure Informing the Optoelectronic Processes in Organic Devices

Brian Collins, NIST
09:10 Shirley Award Talk ( 2013 Awards )
09:40 Student Poster Award Talk TBA
10:00 Break
Session Chairs: Jeff Kortright, LBNL, and Gyorgy Snell, Takeda

Science Highlight 3

Proximity-Induced Gap on Topological Surface States of Bi2Se3 Film by a High-Temperature Superconductor

Shuyun Zhou, Tsinghua University

Science Highlight 4

Nanoscale Spin Dynamics in Magnetic Vortex Structures

Mi-Young Im, LBNL

Science Highlight 5

X-Ray Microspectroscopy on Amazonian Aerosol Particles

Christopher Pöhlker, Max-Planck-Institut für Chemie



Science Highlight 6

Designing Compounds Against Lipid Kinases:  NVP-BKM120 - a Pan Class I PI3K inhibitor

Dick Bussiere, Novartis
12:00 Lunch 
ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent
13:30 2013 Workshops
15:15 Break
15:30 2013 Workshops
17:00 Awards Dinner (ALS Patio)
19:30 Conclusion of Awards Dinner; Buses to Downtown
Wednesday, October 9
08:00 Registration, Continental Breakfast
ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent
08:30 2013 Workshops
10:00 Morning Break
12:00 Lunch
ALS Patio
13:30 2013 Workshops
15:15 Afternoon Break (see individual workshop agendas for times)