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Monday, 08 July 2013 10:21











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2013 ALS User Meeting Workshops


Advances in Infrared Spectroscopy and Imaging: Broadband Vibrational Nanospectroscopy and Spectro-Microtomography
Michael Martin, Hans Bechtel (ALS-LBNL), Carol Hirschmugl (Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee), and Markus Raschke (Univ. of Colorado, Boulder)
Location: 80-234

Advanced Tomographic Reconstruction Methods
Dula Parkinson and Alastair MacDowell (ALS-LBNL)
Location: 15-300* (Tuesday 13:30-17:00)

Can Diffuse X-Ray Scattering Reveal Protein Dynamics?
Nicholas Sauter, Paul Adams (PBD-LBNL), James Fraser (UCSF), and Michael Wall (LANL)
Location: 15-300* (Wednesday 08:30-17:00)

Current and Future Directions for AMO and Chemical Physics Research at the ALS
Daniel Rolles (DESY, Hamburg), Musa Ahmed (CSD-LBNL), Alex Aguilar, David Kilcoyne, and Wayne Stolte (ALS-LBNL)
Location: 50B-4205

Energy Sciences of AMBER: Demonstrations and Perspectives
Jinghua Guo, Zahid Hussain, Zhi Liu, and Wanli Yang (ALS-LBNL)
Location: 15-253

In-Situ Synchrotron Studies of the Kinetics of Nanostructured Self-Assembled Thin Film Formation
Lee Richter (NIST) and Stefan Mannsfeld (SLAC)
Location: 54-130

New Monochromatic Hard-X-Ray Scattering and Spectroscopic Opportunities at the ALS
Martin Kunz, Nobumichi Tamura, Alastair MacDowell, and Josep Roque-Rosell (ALS-LBNL)
Location: 6-1105

Research Opportunities Offered by a Diffraction-Limited Upgrade of the ALS

Steve Kevan and Christoph Steier (ALS-LBNL)
Note: Changed to informal discussion on Wednesday afternoon13:30-15-30; details to be announced at the meeting)

Resonant Soft X-Ray Scattering for Mesoscale Science:
New Research Perspectives And Advanced Data Analysis

Cheng Wang, Alexander Hexemer, and Anthony Young (ALS-LBNL)
Location: 54-130B

Small Angle X-Ray Scattering Studies In Structural Biology
Michal Hammel, Greg Hura, and Robert Rambo (PBD-LBNL)
Location: 2-100B

Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy of Heterogeneous Interfaces
Hendik Bluhm, Mary Gilles, and David Shuh (CSD-LBNL)
Location: 50 Auditorium


Spectroscopy of Spins
Zahid Hussain, Alexei Fedorov, and Sujoy Roy (ALS-LBNL)
Location: 6-2202


X-Ray Studies of Ultrafast Phase Transitions and Magnetization Dynamics
Jeff Bokor (UC Berkeley), Peter Fischer (MSD-LBNL), and Andreas Scholl (ALS-LBNL)
Location: 2-100F