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The combined process for Rapid Access Proposals, Industry, and Director's Discretion (RAPIDD) beam time accommodates users who require limited or rapid access to ALS beam time. There are a number of proposal types that are available on a variety of beamlines, as described below.

Log in to ALSHub to submit a RAPIDD proposal.

The RAPIDD process is not suitable for users requiring significant beam time for an extended program of research or those wanting to perform complex experiments involving set-up or reorganization of equipment at a beamline. Such users should apply for the General User Proposal six-month cycle. More information about user access can be found on the User Policy page.


Industry Proposals (IN)

The ALS has designed a process to better meet the needs of our industry users. This process can provide significantly faster review and access than the General User Proposal six-month cycle. Most beamlines (except structural biology) will be available through this process.

The mechanism for review of industry proposals is decided by ALS management, appropriate to the proposal.


Rapid Access Proposals (RA)

A proportion of beam time on some beamlines is reserved to provide rapid access for simple, sample characterization experiments. Only one rapid access proposal per group may be on the waiting list for a beamline at any time. The proposal submission process requires the following:

  • Contact information
  • One-page description of the scientific case (PDF file, ready to upload)
  • Brief answers to experiment detail and safety questions
  • A check of all previous ALS publications submitted to the ALS database, to be attached to the proposal

Depending on the beamline, there may be further limitations on the work that may be done or the type of access granted—please note these in the application process.

Available Beamlines and Rapid Access Limitations


Beamline Technique Type of access Maximum shifts 
per proposal
% of time reserved 
for rapid access
3.2.1 Protein footprinting Mail-in 3 10
4.2.2 MX MAD Remote 3 10
5.0.1 MX fixed wavelength Onsite, remote, or Collaborative Crystallography 3 10
5.0.2 MX MAD Onsite, remote, or Collaborative Crystallography 3 10
5.0.3 MX fixed wavelength Onsite, remote or Collaborative Crystallography 3 10
7.3.3 SAX, WAXS, GISAXS Onsite 3 5
8.2.1 MX MAD Onsite, remote or Collaborative Crystallography 3 10
8.2.2 MX MAD Onsite, remote or Collaborative Crystallography 3 5
8.3.1 MX MAD Onsite 3 10
8.3.2 Tomography Onsite or remote 3 10
11.3.1 Small-molecule crystallography Mail-in 3 5 MX MAD Onsite or remote 3 10 Protein SAXS Mail-in 3 10


Rapid access proposals are peer-reviewed by at least two reviewers, and notification of the result will take two to three weeks. Proposals are added to a waiting list of proposals for the relevant beamline. Proposals are scheduled for beam time by beamline staff according to score and proposal submission date. Users should be prepared for beam time scheduling at short notice. Please note that allocation of beam time will depend on the number of proposals submitted, and so rapid access cannot be guaranteed.


Director's Discretionary Beam Time (DD)

A very limited amount of beam time is reserved on some beamlines to accommodate urgent requests, exciting new ideas, or special circumstances. Structural biology beamlines are not available through this route.

Users need to contact the appropriate beamline scientist or the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it before applying for Director's Discretionary beam time. It is expected that the same user group will not submit repeated proposals.

Director's Discretionary proposals are peer-reviewed by ALS management.