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ALS Strategic Plan 2015-19

cover imageAn updated version of the ALS Strategic Plan, covering the five-year period from 2015 to 2019. As in the 2014-18 version, Section I gives a brief synopsis on beamline and endstation projects. The science drivers behind these projects are explained in greater detail in Section II, and a very brief description of emerging plans for a ALS-U are in Section III.

Soft X-ray Science Opportunities Using Diffraction-Limited Storage Rings

A key stimulus for this workshop is a revolutionary new accelerator technology that will produce diffraction-limited beams of soft x-rays. "Diffraction limited" means that the wave fronts will be smooth or "coherent" across the entire beam, something like a laser beam. The workshop charge was to evaluate how this unprecedented phase coherence and stability can be leveraged to address the challenges to design and optimize functional structures.

ALS "Sampler" Handout

In today's fast-paced, info-saturated world, how do you quickly convey what the ALS does and how it can benefit society? A new handout, developed by the ALS Communications Group and Berkeley Lab's Federal Government Relations Office, provides a broad overview of the ALS and a sampling of its science.

Photon Science for Renewable Energy

cover imageLight sources are uniquely positioned to jump-start a global revolution in renewable and carbon-neutral energy technologies. This 24-page brochure describes many specific ways in which studies performed at the ALS contribute to advancing energy technology. (2012 version.)

Science and Technology of Future Light Sources

cover imageThis white paper, a collaboration between four DOE national laboratories, envisions the scientific challenges that can be met by future x-ray sources and instrumentation and summarizes the research and development required to achieve that vision.

ALS Spectrum

cover imageALS Spectrum is a publication that encapsulates the same type of information contained in the Activity Reports but in a short, readable, newsletter-like format. Contents also include science highlights, brief reports from ALS staff and user groups, articles about ALS people and events, and facility updates.

ALS Activity Reports (1996–2006)

cover imageThese hard-copy annual reports, produced from 1993–2006, illustrated the depth and breadth of the ALS scientific program, summarized operations and ongoing R&D, and highlighted educational outreach efforts and special events. The reports for 1996–2006 are available here.

ALS Beamline Design Guide: Information for Beamline Designers, Rev. 2

cover imageThis manual (formerly known as ALS Beamline Design Requirements) is written as a guide for those involved in the design and construction of beamlines and endstations acceptable for use at the ALS. It contains guidelines and policies related to personnel safety and equipment and vacuum protection.

Advanced Light Source Integrated Safety Management Plan

ISM logo The organization and implementation of integrated safety management (ISM) at the ALS—a large user facility—is relatively complex compared to other research divisions at Berkeley Lab. The purpose of this plan is to describe this implementation, defining principles and core work functions for the ALS Division.

ALSNews Archive

ALSNews titleThis monthly electronic newsletter, available on the Web or by email, keeps users and other interested parties informed about developments at the ALS: scientific results, machine operations, user services and more. We welcome suggestions for topics and content.

X-Ray Data Booklet

cover imagePublished jointly by the Center for X-Ray Optics and the ALS, this handy book offers data relating to the x-ray properties of elements, synchrotron radiation, scattering processes, optics, and other practical information.


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