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Users' Executive Committee




The 2011 ALS User Meeting begins registation begins at 07:30 on Monday, October 3, outside the Building 50 Auditorium. The meeting itself will start at 08:25 inside the Building 50 Auditorium; all plenary sessions will also be held at this location.


Monday, October 3
07:30 Registration, Continental Breakfast
Building 50 Auditorium
Session Chair: David Osborn, Sandia
08:25 UEC Welcome, Meeting Logistics David Osborn, Sandia
08:30 LBNL Welcome Horst Simon, LBNL
08:40 ALS: Progress and Prospects Roger Falcone, LBNL
09:10 DOE Update Harriet Kung, DOE
09:40 Break
10:00 Plutonium Science and Diplomacy Siegfried S. Hecker, Stanford University
10:45 Climate Change: A Non-Partisan Analysis Richard Muller, LBNL and UC Berkeley
11:30 Better Drug Candidates via Protein Crystallography Mary McGrath, Gilead Sciences
12:00 Lunch (ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent)
DOE-UEC Meeting (6-2202)
Session Chair: Brandy Toner, University of Minnesota
13:30 At the Limits of Semiconductor Lithography: Using the ALS Beamlines to Advance Materials and Processes for Future Microchip Fabrication Tom Wallow, Globalfoundries
14:00 User Services Update Sue Bailey, LBNL
14:15 Updates from the Experimental Systems Group Howard Padmore, LBNL
14:35 Safety Updates Jim Floyd, LBNL
14:45 UEC Open Forum
15:15 Break
Session Chair: Hendrik Bluhm, LBNL
15:35 Shining Light on Energy Conversion at Gas/Solid Interfaces Tony McDaniel, Sandia
16:00 Poster Slam: Student Poster Competition
16:30 Poster Session and Reception; Student Poster Competition
19:30 Conclusion of Poster Session; Buses to Downtown
Tuesday, October 4
08:00 Continental Breakfast
Session Chair: Gyorgy Snell, Takeda, Inc.

Science: What the Public is Thinking, What Congress is Doing, How You Can Contribute

Mike Lubell, APS
09:15 Shirley Award Talk TBA
09:40 Student Poster Award Talk TBA
09:50 Break
Session Chair: Jeff Kortright, LBNL

Endohedral Fullerenes: From In-Situ Synthesis to Confinement Resonances in Photoionization of Xe@C60

David Esteves, University of Colorado, Boulder
10:35 Unique Contrast Mechanisms Using Resonant X-Ray Scattering: The Key to Nanoscale Insight in Organic Devices Brian Collins, North Carolina State University

The Energy Sciences Network: Moving Data, Advancing Science

Eli Dart, LBNL ESnet
11:30 Lunch (ALS Patio and Exhibitor Tent)
12:45 2011 User Meeting Workshops
14:45 Break
15:05 2011 User Meeting Workshops
17:30 Awards Dinner
19:30 Conclusion of Awards Dinner; Buses to Downtown
Wednesday, October 5
08:30 2011 User Meeting Workshops
Morning Break (see individual workshop agendas for times)
12:00 Lunch (ALS Patio)
13:00 2011 User Meeting Workshops
Afternoon Break (see individual workshop agendas for times)