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2014 Shutdown: Final Update Print

Steve Rossi reports on nearing the end of this year's shutdown:

We're in the final days of our extended shutdown here at the ALS. Our technical staff has accomplished over 7000 hours of scheduled work along with the myriad of small tasks requested of them on an ad hoc basis. Each shutdown I find myself in awe of the overall effort it requires to organize and execute the work, as well as the amazing professionalism and dedication of our staff.

This is the tense, nail-biting portion of the shutdown as we begin to power up and test the various systems that we have modified and installed. So far. things are proceeding very well with the new storage ring radio frequency system high-voltage switch, which was our "critical path" project. All the new water-flow monitoring equipment, for the entire booster and storage ring, has been installed.

The linear accelerator klystron modulator has been replaced and tested, which is dramatically increasing our injection efficiency. The damaged QFA magnet power supply that caused an unexpected outage just prior to this shutdown, has been fully repaired and tested.