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Available Beamlines


Determine which ALS beamlines are suitable for your experiment. To do this, you can review the ALS Beamlines Directory, contact the appropriate beamline scientist listed on the Directory, and/or contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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For More Information About the Types of Proposals


To learn more about the three different types of proposals, click the links below.

General User Proposals (GUPs)

This is the most common type of user access for all beamlines. The process accommodates users who want to establish an ongoing program of work at the ALS, or want to carry out a single experiment requiring more beamtime than is available though the RAPIDD system. Proposals may be submitted every six months and can remain active for up to two years. Proposal deadlines:

January–June operating cycle: Proposals due first Wednesday in September
July–December operating cycle: Proposals due first Wednesday in March

Rapid Access Proposals, Industry, and Director's Discretion (RAPIDD)

This proposal process accommodates users requiring limited but rapid access to ALS beam time. It includes rapid access for both general science and structural biology users, industry proposals, and Director's Discretionary beam time. Proposals may be submitted at any time.

Approved Program (AP) Proposals

An Approved Program enables an investigator or a group of investigators to receive an assured percentage of beam time for a period of several years to carry out an extended program of research. Proposal deadlines:

January 15
July 15


Participating Research Teams

Participating Research Teams are groups of researchers from one or more institutions that construct and operate beamlines and have primary responsibility for experiment endstation equipment.