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Six Berkeley Lab (Three ALS) Scientists Are 2012 APS Fellows Print

This year’s American Physical Society (APS) Fellows include six scientists from Berkeley Lab, three of whom are currently or have previously been at the ALS. Only half of one percent of APS members are elected by their peers to be Fellows in any given year for exceptional contributions to the physics enterprise, including outstanding research, important applications, leadership or service to physics, and significant contributions to physics education. Berkeley Lab’s six Fellows (out of 250 announced for 2012) represent a high count for a single institution. See the announcement on the APS home page, or see the Berkeley Lab News Release for information on all six LBNL Fellows.

  • John Byrd, program head for the Center for Beam Physics in AFRD, has had a long involvement with the ALS, contributing to controlling beam stability and becoming a member of the Accelerator Physics Group. He is cited for “seminal contributions to accelerator science in the areas of collective beam behavior, coherent synchrotron radiation in storage rings, and femtosecond timing and synchronization of accelerator systems.”
  • Howard Padmore, ALS Division Deputy for Experimental Systems, has published more than 200 papers and serves on synchrotron advisory committees around the world. He is cited for “seminal contributions to x-ray optics, instrumentation, and research with synchrotron radiation.”
  • David Robin of AFRD is the ALS Division Deputy for Operations and Accelerator Development and the Accelerator Physics Group Leader. He is cited for “fundamental advances to the understanding and control of the nonlinear beam dynamic behavior of electrons in particle storage rings, including the development of frequency map analysis and quasi-isochronous storage rings.”