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Synchrotron Education Collaboration Print

synchrotron collaboration The Synchrotron Education Collaboration held its first meeting October 20-22 at Synchrotron Soleil, in St Aubain, France. The symposium, "Student Science at Synchrotrons: Educating the Next Generation of Scientists," was attended by scientists, educators, as well as representatives from eight synchrotrons. Participants listened to several presentations about current practices in engaging middle- and high-school students in science through hands-on activities including beamline experiments, visits to synchrotrons, and discussions with scientists. From the presentations, and input from other synchrotron facilities, a survey has been created to send to all light source facilities in order to assess the which best practices in education

This collaboration, funded by a grant from the France-Berkeley Fund, comprises representatives from the ALS, Soleil, and ESRF with the goal of developing an engaging and effective educational program for high-school students that will introduce them to the opportunities and challenges of scientific research with the intention of attracting and developing the next generation of young scientists. In particular,  there is a focus on strategies to engage students that are underrepresented in science by gender, race, and economic status.

Participants in this first symposium included representatives from light sources in France, Canada, Australia, Japan, the United States, and Italy; the next meeting will be the day preceding the AAAS in Chicago. Anyone interested in participating in the project should contact Elizabeth Moxon (ALS) or Claus Habfast (ESRF).