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1. Register with the ALS

Register with the ALS by creating an account on ALSHub—the ALS user portal— that provides access to important user tools.

2. Apply for Beam Time

Log in to ALSHub to submit a new proposal or a Beam Time Request (BTR) using an existing active proposal.

3. Establish a User Agreement

Your institute must have a signed agreement with Berkeley Lab before you may do work at the ALS.

4. Get Access to Work Onsite

  • New users need to register, and returning users need to update their ALSHub profile at least  TWO WEEKS before arriving at the ALS.
  • Users arriving out of regular office hours must either have a valid Berkeley Lab ID badge, or have completed registration to be granted access to the ALS.
  • Users from T4 countries (Cuba, Iran, Sudan, and Syria) need DOE permission, which can take 4–6 months to obtain, and should register as soon as possible to start the approval process.

5. Complete Experiment Safety Documentation and Review Safety for Users

Log in to ALSHub to create or update safety documentation TWO WEEKS before your planned beam time. Experiments involving any biological material or radioactive material require more review steps so please allow several weeks for these.

6. Complete Online Safety Training

All users are required to register with the ALS and complete their online training before they will be granted unescorted access to the ALS.


7. Utilize Available Resources

The ALS has staff and facilities that are available to users to ensure that their experiment run is highly successful. Includes information about safety, logistics, facilities, and services etc.

8. Complete the User Satisfaction Survey

Please complete our survey after your visit. The results are used to make improvements at the ALS, and are reported to the DOE each year.

9. Report Publications, Awards, Talks, Acknowledging Work at ALS

All publications of work done in whole, or in part, at the ALS need to include the standard Acknowledgment Statement (in Author Guidelines) and be entered in the ALS Publications Database. Awards, invited lectures, theses, patents, books, and book chapters can also be reported here.