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New User Portal "ALSHub" Now Live Print

On March 17, 2014, the User Services Office rolled out ALSHub, a new user portal designed to enhance the experience of working at the ALS. The new site will be the new focus for all user experiment and safety activities. In addition, it will allow staff and reviewers to quickly and efficiently process the large number of proposals they handle each year.


The ALSHub provides a secure single login where users, reviewers, and staff can access ALS administrative resources where they can

  • Update their profile with current information
  • Apply for ALS beam time
  • Submit a beam time request for an active proposal
  • View existing General Sciences, Approved Programs, and RAPIDD proposals (coming soon)
  • Notify ALS staff of their next expected visit
  • View their ALS training profile and complete required user training
  • Complete or update an Experiment Safety Sheet (ESS) for their next experiment
  • Report and search for publications based on work at ALS
  • Find out more about facilities available for ALS users
  • Submit a User Satisfaction Survey


Current users who have registered with the ALS in the past should use their current email to login, and will only need to create a new password to access their current profile, which they are now able to update. New users will need to create an account. For more information please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The design and development of the portal was a collaboration between developers Gary Kushner and Jessica Voytek from Computational Research Division(CRD) at LBNL and Mel Sibony from BioIntuition.