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Guided Self-Assembly of Gold Thin Films

A team of UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab researchers have developed a relatively easy, inexpensive, and scalable technique to direct the self­-assembly of gold nanoparticles into device-ready thin films, which have potential applications in fields ranging from energy harvesting to plasmonics. Read more...

Contact: TIng Xu
Studies Bolster Promise of Topological Insulators
Topological insulators are highly promising materials for electronic applications, displaying startling electronic properties and providing a possible medium for observing still-theoretical particles relevant to quantum computing. Two recent studies at the ALS bolster prospects for the practical application of these materials in advanced devices. Read more...

Contact: Alexei Fedorov
Ring Leader: Steve Rossi, Project and Facility Management
Around this time of year, Steve Rossi, project and facility management group leader at ALS, shifts his focus to shutdown mode. Preparation and planning for the weeks that the ALS is out of commission is a huge part of Rossi's job, and while much of this is invisible to users, all of it is absolutely essential to the maintenance and growth of the ALS. Read more about the upcoming February 2013 shutdown.
Industry @ ALS: Cisco Systems Funds "Whisker" Growth Research
Understanding "whisker" growth--the spontaneous growth of long filament-like grains on the leads, or "legs," of electronic components--is key to manufacturing reliable lead-free electrical and electronic equipment. Cisco Systems, one of the world's largest networking equipment producers, has provided funding and technical support to a group of ALS users from Purdue University to research the mechanism and driving forces for whiskers, with the ultimate goal of defining effective mitigation measures. Read the article.
ALS Outreach: Build Your Own ALS!
For our recent Open House, ALS Communications worked with Berkeley Lab's Creative Services to create a papercraft model of the ALS. The 3-D model of the ALS can be made quickly with only Scotch tape and scissors, and when completed, the top tilts off to reveal the beamlines and accelerator under the dome. The model and instructions can be downloaded here; heavier paper (i.e., #100) is needed to print pages 3-6 (the actual building parts). For more information, contact Elizabeth Moxon.
UEC Corner
Brandy Toner
Welcome New UEC Board Members!
At last month's User Meeting, four new regular members and one student member were elected to the UEC for 2013. It is my pleasure to welcome them to the UEC for three year terms:
  • Artur Braun (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology)
  • Mahati Chintapalli (Student; UC Berkeley)
  • Scott Classen (Physical Biosciences Division, LBNL)
  • Kevin McCarty (Sandia National Lab)
  • David Shuh (Chemical Sciences Division, LBNL)

I would like to thank retiring members David Osborn, Hendrik Bluhm, and David Kilcoyne for their years of generous service to the ALS user community.

In 2013, I will continue to serve on the UEC and support the new UEC Chair, Corie Ralston. It has been my pleasure to work with and learn from dedicated UEC members as the 2012 UEC Chair. I have a renewed sense of gratitude to the talented and hard working ALS team that make light available for users. Thank you for making the ALS a great place to do science.

All users are welcome to contact their UEC representatives to raise issues of concern relating to their own research, or to alert us to issues facing our whole community.

Contact: Brandy Toner
Operations Update
For the user runs from October 25 to November 14, 2012, the beam reliability [(time scheduled - time lost)/time scheduled)] was 97.2%. For this period, the mean time between failures (MTBF) was 77.5 hours, and the mean time to recovery (MTTR) was 148 minutes. There were no significant interruptions.
More detailed information on reliability is available on the ALS reliability bulletin board, which is located in the hallway between the ALS and the control room in Building 80. Questions about beam reliability should be directed to Dave Richardson ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , x4376).
Long-term and weekly operations schedules are available on the Web at Requests for special operations use of the "scrubbing" shift should be sent to Rick Bloemhard ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , x4738) by 1:00 p.m. Friday. A Web page showing the ring status in real time can be found at
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Guided Self-Assembly of Gold Thin Films
Studies Bolster Promise of Topological Insulators
Ring Leader: Steve Rossi
Industry @ ALS: Cisco Systems Funds "Whisker" Growth Research
ALS Outreach: Build Your Own ALS!

UEC Corner

Operations Update

Announcements: Proposal Scores, Science Communi-cations Videos Posted

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Proposal Scores Posted
Proposal and beamline cutoff scores for the January-July 2013 run are now posted.
Science Communications Videos Posted
At the recent ALS User Meeting, Don Medley (LBNL) and Monica Metzler (ISC) discussed the techniques and importance of being able to present science to different audiences. You can find links to their talks on the User Meeting Web site.
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