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Employment at the ALS

The Advanced Light Source is an expanding research facility that has career opportunities for qualified individuals in

  • engineering
  • physics
  • chemistry
  • life sciences
  • administrative services
  • mechanical, electrical, and vacuum technical support.


General Employment Listings

Anyone interested in employment at the ALS should visit the Berkeley Lab Human Resources Web site to see current job listings for all of Berkeley Lab as well as for the ALS.

ALS Doctoral Fellowship in Residence

The ALS offers doctoral fellowships in residence to allow students who have passed their Ph.D. verbal and written exams (generally third-year students) to acquire hands-on scientific training and develop professional maturity for independent research. Applications are due by July 31 for an appointment to coincide with the following academic year.

ALS Collaborative Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
The Advanced Light Source (ALS) has launched a new “ALS Postdoctoral Fellowship” program that provides challenging opportunities to conduct research in areas where they are exposed to current scientific challenges that can be tackled with the use of advanced synchrotron radiation tools. Previous recipients and their research projects are detailed on the ALS Postdoctoral Fellowship Highlights web page.