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August 2010 Print

Jim Floyd, Environment, Health and Safety

Jim Flyod

The Lab’s Environment, Health and Safety Division continues to reach out to the research community for ideas on how to improve its policies and processes. Many staff at the ALS are actively involved with efforts to make these more effective. Recent examples include accelerator safety, cryogenics, welding, hot work permits, on-line training, Job Hazard Analyses (JHAs), access control, subcontractor safety, emergency response, and work planning. If you have any ideas for how to improve a part of our safety program, now is the time to let us know.

We’re working with the User Services Office to redesign the web portal for users. One priority is the Experiment Safety Sheet (ESS) for which we hope to upgrade both the Doug Taubesafety review process and its web interface. We have already established an advisory group and will be encouraging input along the way.

You may have seen a new face in the last few months. Doug Taube joined the safety team in May and will be working directly with users in the Chemistry Lab and at the beamlines reviewing sample materials. He has a PhD in Chemistry and has both a research and EHS background in private industry. With him, we hope to continue to improve our service in helping users to work efficiently and safely.

ALSNews Vol. 312