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May 2011 Print

Steve Rossi, Shutdown this Summer

The ALS is preparing for an extended shutdown that begins on June 13 and will extend until August 11 when user operations resume. This shutdown will be one of the busiest and most significant we have had since the Top-Off installation in 2008.

The most critical activity, and that which dictate the extended length of the shutdown, is an upgrade of the Storage Ring Radio Frequency (SRRF) system. This upgrade consists of three phases that will be completed over three years. In this first phase we will be installing and qualifying new klystron tubes as well as the associated infrastructure. When we return to operations we will be running on one of the new tubes. In future phases we will be permanently installing a second new klystron and a waveguide switch matrix that will provide for additional RF power for future machine upgrades as well as a robust back-up solution for reliable ALS operations.

Other installations planned for the shutdown period are also aimed at increasing the ALS's reliability, focusing on replacing aging power supplies for a number of our storage ring magnet families. Preparations will be made to enable the installation of our new multi-function sextupole magnets, scheduled for installation in the next shutdown. We will be modifying the storage ring in sector 6 and installing a new elliptically polarized undulator that will enable the simultaneous operation of our ultrafast beamlines 6.0.1 and 6.0.2. A full survey and alignment of the storage ring girders is also planned.

While not as exciting for our users as the technical upgrades, there are some important facility upgrades being made as well. The ALS dome will be getting a badly needed new roof and our low conductivity water plant is being upgraded to add 25% more flow capacity.