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November 2012 Print

Steve Rossi, Project and Facility Management


rossiAround this time of year, Steve Rossi, project and facility management group leader at ALS, shifts his focus to shutdown mode. Preparation and planning for the weeks that the ALS is out of commission is a huge part of Rossi’s job. While much of this is invisible to users, all of it is absolutely essential to the maintenance and growth of the ALS.

“This is a pivotal shutdown,” says Rossi. “We have many multi-year projects that are finally coming to fruition.”

The ALS shutdown is scheduled for February 4 through April 8, 2013, which is slightly longer than usual to accommodate this year’s to-do list. Rossi’s list includes work on the ALS controls upgrade, sextupole magnet installations, MAESTRO front-end and beamline installation, an RF power supply upgrade and replacement of the storage ring bend magnet power supply.

“At the ALS we’re always chasing an increase in performance and reliability,” says Rossi. “And shutdown is when we work towards reaching those goals.”

The RF upgrade, a $4.8 million project, and the controls upgrade, a $7.6 million project, have been many years in the planning stage, says Rossi. The work on these two projects will largely be transparent to users, but they are essential to the future of the ALS – the controls upgrade will update and replace an aging controls system and the RF upgrade will give the ALS vastly improved backup capabilities in addition to the ability to provide more RF power to the storage ring.

“We’re doing our job right if users never notice the work we’ve done,” says Rossi, “because that means we’re identifying our vulnerabilities and investing in them before our users see them.”

This forward-looking viewpoint is what much of Rossi’s work is based on. He describes his position as “an inch deep and a mile wide,” which is apt when taking into consideration what he’s responsible for – the overall project portfolio of the ALS and the oversight and coordination of maintenance and facility projects. As such, Rossi often serves as a bridge between operations and technical staff – coordinating projects and the players involved in carrying them through to fruition. He describes his management philosophy as “not looking into the past, but projecting into the future.”