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July 2013 Print

Interim EHS Program Management

Since 2006, Jim Floyd has served as the Environment/Health/Safety (EHS) program manager for the ALS. July 8 he assumed a new position as director of the Lab's EHS Division. While the ALS is recruiting for a permanent replacement, two EHS Division staff will provide interim support.






In the area of accelerator and radiation safety, Jeff Bramble will be here approximately 50% to coordinate this important function. Jeff is an experienced health physicist (HP) with a very broad background, providing backup radiological control technician support here at the ALS and HP support at the 88” cyclotron. Among his duties will be assistance on:

  • Procedures
  • Interlock design, installation and documentation
  • Floor operator support
  • Shielding and ALARA studies
  • Incident corrective actions
  • Rad material RWA for users
  • Accelerator Safety Order implementation tasks
  • Work permits and shut-down work planning

Interim Division Safety Coordinator support will be provided, also at approximately 50% effort, by Andrew Peterson. Currently the assurance manager at EHS as well as the division liaison for ALS. Andrew served as the safety coordinator for the Life Sciences Division and is very familiar with our on-going staff safety functions. He’ll be providing assistance on:

  • JHA
  • Activity hazard documents (AHD) and other task-based authorizations
  • Self assessment
  • First-aid/Injury investigations
  • ALS representation to LBNL and DOE


User Safety will continue to receive strong support from Doug Taube, David Malone (pictured at left) and the rest of the team. You can find a list of safety contacts on our Safety Organization and Contact Information page.