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April 27, 2015-Special ALS Colloquium Print
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 13:19

Special Event on Monday, April 27 @ 12 noon, USB 15-253

X-Ray Microscopy: The First 120 Years

Janos Kirz, ALS


Röntgen's great discovery became an instant public sensation. Fascination with the "new kind of rays" that could reveal the structure of opaque objects swept the world in 1896. Fifty years later it was widely recognized that the short wavelength of the radiation should open the world of microscopy far beyond what one could achieve with visible light. For crystals, techniques for imaging molecular structure at atomic resolution, were developed quite rapidly. Beyond crystals it took over 100 years for x-ray sources, optics, detectors and analysis methods to mature for x-ray microscopy to become a widely used technique.  I shall trace some events from this long journey, and the rapidly accelerating progress in the field.

February 4, 2015 Print
Tuesday, 27 January 2015 12:33

Direct Heat-to-Electricity Conversion Using Thermionics

A joint presentation from two new members of Cyclotron Road, Berkeley Lab's early-stage energy technology incubation program.


Daniel Riley Jared Schwede
June 3, 2014 Print
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 12:16

Tuesday, June 3 @12 noon in USB-253



Committing SINS with the ALS
Hans Bechtel, ALS, Beamline 5.4






From prehistoric flint blades to Chinese Jian ceramics: how the study of ancient artifacts can help create better materials for the future
Nobumichi Tamura, ALS, Beamline 12.3.2






Flame wars: Probing chemistry with hot nozzles
Musa Ahmed, Chemical Sciences Division, Beamline 9.0

April 1, 2014 Print
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 10:45

Tuesday, April 1 @12 noon in USB 15-253




Direct observation of the indirect to direct band gap transition in epitaxial monolayer MoSe2 film
Yi Zhang, ALS, Beamline 10.0.1





Visualizing High-Dimensional Data
Annette Greiner, NERSC






Traveling with Sound
Marc Allaire, PBD

November 1, 2013 Print
Tuesday, 24 September 2013 15:00

Friday, November 1@ 12 noon in USB 15-253




Exposing the Trade Secrets of Ancient Roman Engineers: Nano-Structure and Material Properties of Al-tobermorite in 2000-Year-Old Seawater Harbor Concrete
Marie Jackson, UC Berkeley, Beamlines 5.3.2, 12.2.2,12.3.2





DNA Labelled with Gold
Greg Hura, Physical Biosciences Division, Beamline 12.3.1







Pseudo-Single-Bunch Operation with Adjustable Frequency - A New Operation Mode for the ALS
Dave Robin, AFRD

August 29, 2013 Print
Thursday, 11 April 2013 08:37

Date-Change: Thursday, August 29 @ 12 noon in USB 15-253




Under Pressure: Why Diamonds Are a Crystallographer’s Best Friend!
Christine Beavers, Experimental Systems Group, Beamline 11.3.1





Single Colony Home with Great Potential and Easy Access to Nearby Carbon Sources: Soil from a Microbe's Perspective
Eoin Brodie, Earth Sciences Division, BSISB Beamline 5.4





Contract upon Swelling: An in-situ GISAXS Experiment for Solvent Vapor Annealing of Block Copolymer Thin Film
Xiaodan Gu, University of Massachusetts, Beamline 7.3.3

May 8, 2013 Print
Monday, 25 March 2013 14:34

Wednesday, May 8 @ 12 noon, USB 15-253


Flipping Out over Topological Insulators
Chris Jozwiak, Scientific Support Group, Beamline 7.0







Playing "Chase the Electron" with Oxides from Chromium to Plutonium
Stefan G. Minasian, Chemical Sciences Division, Beamline 11.0






Imaging the Chemistry of (Microbial) LIfe
Hoi-Ying Holman, Earth Sciences Division, Beamline 5.4 [Berkeley Synchrotron Infrared Structral Biology Program (BSISB)]

February 22, 2013 Print
Wednesday, 30 January 2013 11:33

Friday, February 22 @ 12 noon, USB 15-253


Towards perfect diffraction gratings with x-rays
Dmitriy Voronov, Experimental Systems Group, Beamline 6.3.2
(Read more and watch a video about this work.)




Ice: Slippery when dirty?
Hendrik Bluhm, Chemical Sciences Group, Beamline 11.0.2




justin blair

Connecting ALS Users To Our Friendly,
Neighborhood, Supercomputer
Justin Blair, Experimental Systems Group,  Beamline 8.3.2

May 15, 2012 Print
Wednesday, 04 April 2012 14:11

Tuesday, May 15 @ 12 noon in USB 15-253


Spinning Spins: Which Direction Will They Point To?
Peter Fischer, Center for X-Ray Optics; Beamline 6.1.2





Molecular Mechanisms of Chaperonins: What Happens When Proteins Need a Time-Out
Corie Ralston, Berkeley Center for Structural Biology; Beamline 8.2.1 & 8.2.2





Using the ALS to Study Extraterrestrial Materials
Scott Sandford, NASA-Ames Research Center; Beamline

March 20, 2012 Print
Wednesday, 25 January 2012 10:00

Tuesday, March 20 @ 12 noon, in USB 15-253 


Criegee Intermediates: Unlocking the Black Box of Atmospheric and Autoignition Chemistry
David Osborn, Sandia; Beamline 9.0.2




Taking a Hard Look at Soft X-Ray Scattering
Cheng Weng, ALS; Beamline





Matter: Warm and Dense

Roger Falcone, ALS

November 30, 2011 Print
Monday, 21 November 2011 13:10

Wednesday, November 30 @ 12 noon, in USB 15-253


Materials with their Memories for our Memories
Sabyasachi Sen, U.C. Davis; Beamline 12.2.2




Self-Assembly of Proton Conducting Block Copolymers for Solar Fuels Applications
Yanika Schneider; U.C. Berkeley; Beamline 7.3.3





Seeking Enlightenment: A Next Generation Light Source at the Berkeley Lab
Bob Schoenlein, Materials Sciences Division



September 28, 2011 Print
Thursday, 15 September 2011 15:54




Atoms Behind Bars
Alfred Mueller, Giessen University; Beamline 10.0.1





Wavelength Specific Reflections: A New EUV Zoneplate Microscope at the ALS
Ken Goldberg, Center for X-Ray Optics; Beamline 11.3.2





Computers for Lenses: Computational Magnetic Imaging
Josh Turner, LCLS/SLAC; Beamline

July 27, 2011 Print
Tuesday, 28 June 2011 09:44

hans bechtel


Stardust: The search for organics
Hans Bechtle, Infrared Beamlines 1.4 and 5.4




ruihua he


What's new about high-Tc?
Ruihua He, Beamlines 10.0.1 and 8.0.1






Gerry McDermott, National Center for X-Ray Tomography

June 1, 2011 Print
Monday, 23 May 2011 15:37


regina soufli


Multilayer thin films: From Earth to space
Regina Soufli, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory



glenn waychunas


Molecular aspects of carbon sequestration: What synchrotron work can tell us
Glenn Waychunas, Earth Sciences Division, Beamlines 12.2.2 and 7.3.3





Is all soot created equal?
Mary Gilles, Chemical Sciences Division, Beamline 11.0.2

February 25, 2011 Print
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 17:00


Doesn't a magnetic pencil sound like a great idea?
Hendrik Ohldag, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory/ALS




Fossils: Discerning fact from fiction in multi-million-year-old materials
Elizabeth Boatman, Beamline 10.3.2




Nanofocusing on Beamline 5.3.1
Daniel Merthe, Beamline 5.3.1

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