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ALSHub User Portal

An account on ALSHub, the ALS user portal, provides access to a variety of important user tools.

User Guide

A step-by-step guide for users about how to apply and prepare for beam time at the ALS. Includes information about submitting a proposal, required safety and experiment documentation and training, registration, shipping materials, accommodations, publications, etc.

Prospective Users

An overview on how to become a user and conduct research on ALS Beamlines.

Users from Industry

Details of opportunities and requirements to conduct proprietary and nonproprietary research for users from industry. Examples of past and current research conducted at the ALS can be viewed on the Industry @ ALS Web page.

Contacts for Users

The ALS User Services Group comprises the User Office and Experiment Coordination sections. Staff contact information, and office hours and  location, are provided here.

User Policy

Provides the guiding principles for the establishment of an effective scientific user program at the ALS.



Users' Executive Committee (UEC)

The UEC represents the interests of users to ALS Management. Information about members, their affiliations and terms, and the UEC Charter.

User Meeting

The annual ALS Users' Meeting, usually held in early fall, organized by the ALS User Office and the UEC.