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Images of the ALS, including outside and inside panoramas, staff, user, and visitor pictures, and scientifc photos, are available for viewing and download on the ALS Flikr site. Requests for specific images, or for permission to use images in presentations or publications, may be made to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Introductory videos about the ALS including The ALS: A Light into the Unseen, All About the ALS, and Numbers can be viewed on the ALS YouTube channel. Videos of synchrotron-related lectures, tours of the ALS, and scientist-created video glossaries are also featured.

New Videos Available

Beamline Highlights
Beamline 1.4: Infrared Spectromicroscopy
Beamline 8.2: Structural Biology

About the ALS
Science in Action: The Advanced Light Source (Produced by the California Academy of Sciences, October 2012)

Science Communications
Bad Presentation Bingo: The Science Communication Game You Don't Want to Win!! (Monica Metzler, Illinois Science Council, filmed at the 2012 ALS User Meeting)


Summary Slides of ALS Science and Industry Highlights

PowerPoint slides are available for use in presentations featuring more than 200 summary slides based on Science Highlights and Industry@ALS articles:


Papercraft Advanced Light Source

Build your own ALS by constructing a papercraft version of the ALS. The 3-D model of the ALS can be made quickly with only Scotch tape and scissors, and when completed, the top tilts up to reveal the beamlines and accelerator under the dome. The model and instructions can be downloaded here; heavier paper (i.e., #80 or #100 paper) is needed to print pages 3-6 (the actual building parts).