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The ALS Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) advises Berkeley Lab and ALS management on issues relating to ALS operations, resource allocation, strategic planning, and Participating Research Team (PRT) proposals and performance. Current members of the committee, as of January 2015, are


Lou Terminello, (chair), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Harald Ade, North Carolina State University
Nora Berrah, Western Michigan University
David L. Brown, Berkeley Lab 
Chris Cappa (ex officio, 2015 UEC chair), Berkeley Lab
George Crabtree, Argonne National Laboratory
Tom Devereaux - SIMES, SLAC. and Stanford University
Robert Hettel, SLAC
Peter Johnson (ex officio, PSP chair), Brookhaven National Laboratory
Keith Moffat, University of Chicago
Jeff Neaton, Berkeley Lab
Christoph Quitmann - MAX IV Laboratory, Lund University
Vittal Yachandra, Berkeley Lab


September 2014 Meeting of the ALS SAC

Photographed on the balcony of the User Support Building, September 29, 2014.


2014 sac


From left: Vittal Yachandra, Robert Hettel, Keith Moffat, George Crabtree, Tom Devereaux, Peter Nico, Nora Berrah, Roger Falcone, Lou Terminello, Harald Ade, Peter Johnson, and Steve Kevan. Not pictured: Kathy Yelick, Christoph Quitmann, Jeff Neaton, Rob Ritchie.



September 2013 Meeting of ALS SAC

Photographed on the balcony of the User Support Building, September 10, 2013.




From left: Vittal Yachandra, Steve Kevan, Peter Johnson, Lou Terminello, Harald Ade, Nora Berrah, Roger Falcone, Corie Ralston, George Crabtree, Keith Moffat, Friso van der Veen, Maya Kiskinova, and Robert Hettel. Not pictured: Kathy Yelick, Jean Susini, and Robert Ritchie.


January 2013 Meeting of ALS SAC

Photographed on the balcony of the User Support Building, January17, 2013.

2013 sac


From left: Roger Falcone (ALS), Kathy Yelick, Jean Susini, Friso van der Veen, Harald Ade, Corie Ralston, Maya Kiskinova, Steve Kevan (ALS), Nora Berrah, Rob Ritchie, Keith Moffat, Lou Terminello, Robert Hettel, Peter Johnson, and Vittal Yachandra. Not pictured: George Crabtree.


January 2012 Meeting of ALS SAC

Photographed in front of the ALS User Support Building, January 10, 2012

From left: Harald Ade, Chi-Chang Kao, Roger Falcone (ALS), Peter Abbamonte, Nora Berrah, David Osborn, George Crabtree, Steve Kevan, Peter Johnson, Keith Moffatt, Lou Terminello, Chris Jacobson, Sam Krinsky, Friso van der Veen, Maya Kiskinova, and Ben Feinberg (ALS). Not Pictured: Brandy Toner.



ALS Scientific Advisory Committee Charter

ALS SAC Meeting Web Site (restricted access)