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How Do I Determine what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Wear? Print


The ALS has a standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) policy that covers all activities on the  experiment floor (red painted area). This PPE requirements for this area are closed-toe shoes and long pants (or equivalent).  The purpose of this PPE policy is to protect users and staff from possible bumps, abrasions, scuffles, kicks, etc., that may occur on this closely packed experiment floor. All individuals who enter this area, regardless of what kind of work they’re doing, must wear this PPE.

Hazardous Materials Areas

In addition to the standard PPE policy noted above, there are locations on the ALS floor where chemicals, biological materials, and other potentially hazardous materials may be in use. In these areas, in addition to closed-toe shoes and long pants, safety glasses must also be worn. These areas are marked by a black floor mat with yellow border and accompanying signs. Each of these areas will have safety glasses available. All individuals who step on the floor mats, regardless of what kind of work they’re doing, must wear safety glasses.


Task-Based PPE

In addition to the area-based requirements above, certain tasks may have hazards that require extra PPE.  Examples are laser and cryogen use. You should receive training for these particular tasks that will show you the proper PPE, how to use it, and where to find it.