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User Accounts and Emails Print

User Accounts

Once a User Agreement is signed, users may set up an account for miscellaneous supplies and expenses at the ALS. To establish a user account, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Budget and Planning, (x 6889).

Users can keep track of expenses charged to their Berkeley Lab accounts through the Lab's Integrated Reporting and Information System (IRIS).


User Emails

Users may sign up for a Berkeley Lab email, which will remain active while they are active users. Although this works well for users based at the ALS it is not a requirement for most user activities. Users with Berkeley Lab emails will need to change their password on a regular basis, and it is very easy for Berkeley Lab staff to inadvertently send an important communication to an email address which is not checked frequently.

Email, calendar, and IRIS v2 use the LBNL LDAP database for user identification and authentication. To register for LDAP, contact the Lab's Help Desk (or call ext. 4357).