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Complete Safety Training Print


Facility Safety Training Required for ALL Users

Users must register with the ALS to obtain an LBNL ID number before they can complete safety training courses. Once registered, choose the non-LDAP login and enter your LBNL ID number to begin.

ALS 1001: Safety at the ALS

EHS 0470: General Employee Radiation Training (GERT)


Special Training Required for Some Users


Laser Safety

Users working with a Class 3B/4 laser

EHS 0302

Macromolecular Crystallography Users

Specialized training on how to use the hutches and working with cryogens

ALS 1007

User Chemistry Lab

Chemical hygiene and safety course

EHS 0348

Nano Materials

More detailed information on working with nano materials

EHS 0344

User Biology Labs

More detailed information on working with biological materials and generating bio-wastes

EHS 0739

EHS 0730

Radioactive Materials

Required if working with moderate levels of radiological materials

EHS 0471


Beamline-Specific Training

You will also receive beamline-specific training on arrival at the ALS.