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Science Highlight Archives: 1995-2004 Print

Archived Science Highlights

Highlights posted before the year 2005

Biological Sciences

Snapshots of Ribozyme Reaction States Reveal Structural Switch (11/04)

Nerve Growth Factor Gets Good Reception (10/04)

Bringing the Mesoscale into Focus (9/04)

Targeting Proteins to Membranes (8/04)

Starting the RNA Assembly Line (8/04)

Structure of a DNA Clamp–Loader Complex (7/04)

Structure of Telomere-Protecting Proteins (4/04)

Designing a Novel Globular Protein Fold (3/04)

GRK2 Enzyme Helps Keep G Proteins at Bay (1/04)

Glycoprotein Receptor Yields Clues to Platelet "Stickiness" (11/03)

Antibiotic-Resistant Ribosome Sheds Light on Protein Synthesis (10/03)

Nogo Receptor Yields Framework for Neuron-Repair Studies (10/03)

Aquaporin Structure Elucidates Water Transport (10/02)

Protein Pump Reveals Secrets of Drug Resistance (8/03)

Clues to Cholesterol Regulation Found in LDLR Structure (5/03)

Kinesin Action Crystallized in Two Key States (5/02)

Zooming in on Ribosomes (9/01)

First High-Resolution Structure for an Aquaporin (5/01)

Key Domain in HIV-1 Gene Shows Unexpected Flexibility (10/00)

IR Spectra Show Dioxin-Induced Changes in Living Cells (9/00)

Enzyme Structure Provides Clues to DNA Transcription Details (8/00)

Structure of a Key Link in the Respiratory Chain (4/00)

Bacteriorhodopsin: Pumping Ions (3/00)

Solving the Ribosome Puzzle (12/99)

Clathrin Structure Reveals Motifs for Self-Assembly (9/99)

First Protein Structure of a Key Molecular Engine (7/99)

Structural Genomics of M. Jannaschii (3/99)

Polymers and Soft Matter

Segregation in Mixed Polymer Brushes (2/03)

Crosslink Density of Superabsorbent Polymers (3/01)

Vibronic Features in Polymer NEXAFS (1/01)

Polymers in Confined Geometries (5/99)

Dynamic Scattering of Coherent Soft X Rays (4/99)

Atomic and Molecular Physics

Dynamic Jahn–Teller Effect in Buckyball Cations (11/02)

Photoionization of Metastable Ions: First Absolute Measurement (8/02)

Quantum Chaos in Helium (12/01)

Gas-Phase Molecules Illuminated from Within (11/01)

Spectra of Anionic Fragments Verify Shape Resonances (10/01)

More Trouble for the Dipole Approximation (2/01)

Symmetry Resolution Yields Evidence for Shape Resonance (10/99)

Angle-Resolved 2-D Spectra Highlight Spin-Orbit Effects (2/99)

Ethene Spectrum Measured at Fundamental Limits of Resolution (4/98)

Doubly Excited Lithium (11/95)

Chemical Dynamics

PFI-PEPICO Data Suggest Recalibration of Proton Affinities (1/01)

Dynamics of Pentane and Propane Metathesis Reactions (1/99)

The Inside Story on Oxygen (12/97)

Semiconductors, Surfaces, and Interfaces

Electromigration-Induced Plastic Deformation (1/03)

How Carbon Monoxide Adsorbs at Different Sites (5/01)

Electron-Phonon Coupling at the Tungsten Surface (12/00)

Femtosecond Structural Dynamics Observed in Semiconductor Crystals (9/99)

A Step Toward Inexpensive, Efficient Solar Cells (11/97)

Surface Alloy Structure Determined Using Photoelectron Diffraction and Holography (5/97)


Earth and Environmental Science

Organic Matter in Interplanetary Dust (9/04)

Why Alcohol and Water Don't Mix (12/03)

Study Reveals Orbital Mixing Between Water and Dissolved Ions (11/03)

High-Quality X-Ray Scattering Data for Water (6/03)

Microfocus on Nickel Sequestration in Soils (4/03)

EXAFS from Hydrogen Atoms in Water (8/01)

Unearthing the Structure of Humic Substances (5/00)

Quantitative Zinc Speciation in Soils (2/00)

Microbial Reduction of Hexavalent Chromium (8/99)

Ultrafast/Time-Resolved Studies

Picosecond Magnetization Dynamics (10/04)

Ultrafast XANES Technique Reveals Photochemical Transients (8/03)

Laser Time Slicing Promises Ultrafast Time Resolution (7/00)

Streak Camera Records Ultrafast Lattice Dynamics (6/00)


Stripe Domains in Coupled Magnetic Sandwiches (12/04)

Creation of an Antiferromagnetic Exchange Spring (12/04)

Pinning Down Exchange Bias (4/04)

Standing Waves Probe Nanowedge Interfaces (7/02)

Modified Magnetism at Buried Interfaces (11/01)

Antiferromagnetic Spin Reorientation (6/01)

PEEM2 Reveals Spin Alignment in Magnetic Layers (7/00)

First X-Ray Microscope Images with Clear Antiferromagnetic Contrast (11/99)

Quantum Well States in Copper Thin Films (6/99)

X-Ray Resonant Scattering from Magnetic Multilayers (11/98)

Quantum Interference Observed in Thin Films (9/98)

Magnetic Phase Transitions Probed with Spin-Polarized Photoelectron Diffraction (10/96)

Fluorescence Study of Iron Silicide Multilayer (3/96)


EUV Lithography Proof Is in the Printing (7/02)

New Measurements of Scattering from Multilayer Mirrors (2/98)

Complex Materials

Unusual Isotope Effect in Bi2212 (9/04)

Quasi-1D Metal Shows Unusual Spectral Behavior (5/04)

Nanodiamonds Show Buckyball Surface (3/04)

Buckyball Monolayer Electronic Structure (2/04)

RIXS Technique Measures Hubbard Interaction (10/02)

Role of Lattice Vibrations in Superconductivity (10/01)

Electronic Structure of CMR Oxides (7/01)

Electronic Structure of Quasicrystals (11/00)

Charge Stripes in High-Temperature Superconductors (1/00)

X-Ray Raman Scattering Establishes HTSC Energy Scales (12/98)

Site-Selective Spectroscopy of Strontium Ruthenate with Soft X-Ray Emission (5/98)

Experiment Verifies Quasi-Particle Model for Diamond (6/97)


Demonstration of Coherent X-Ray Diffraction Imaging (3/04)

Coherent Terahertz Synchrotron Radiation (6/03)

Frequency Map Analysis Applied to ALS (10/00)

Femtosecond X Rays Generated at Beam Test Facility (2/97)

ALS Events

Superbends at the ALS: A Perfect Fit (10/01)

Synchrotron Radiation Turns the Big Five-O (4/97)


More Recent ALS Science