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Workshops will follow the end of the plenary sessions on Tuesday and continue through Wednesday.When registering, you will be asked to select the workshop that you plan to attend; this helps organizers plan room assignments and refreshments. Detailed information about individual workshops is available from workshop organizers listed below.

Workshop Titles and Organizers Date and Location

Analyzing Tomographic Data Sets: From the Micro- to the Nano-Scale

Christian Knoechel, Alastair MacDowell, Dula Parkinson (LBNL)

2-400F (Tues.)

90-0026 (Wed.)

Course on SAXS from Biological Material

Michal Hammel  and Greg Hura (LBNL)
54-130 (Pers. Hall)

Industrial Protein Crystallography

Corie Ralston (LBNL) and Gyorgy Snell (Takeda, Inc.)

6-1105 (Wed.)

New Computational Approaches for X-Ray Science

Alex Hexemer, Stefano Marchesini, and Jamie Sethian  (LBNL)
6-1105 (Tues.)

Novel Trends in Photoemission

Jonathan Denlinger, Alexei Federov, and Robert Kaindl (LBNL)

Plans for a Light Source Upgrade of X-Ray Optics for Research (LUXOR)

Nikolay A. Artemiev, Wayne R. McKinney, and Simon Morton, and Valeriy Yashchuk (LBNL)


Resonant Scattering in Hard Condensed Matter

Yi-De Chuang, Jeff Kortright, and Sujoy Roy (LBNL)

Single-Crystal Diffraction under Extreme Conditions

Simon Clark (LBNL), Przemek Dera (Carnegie Inst.), Martin Kunz, Nobumichi Tamura , Simon Teat (LBNL), and Oliver Tschauner (UNLV)
80-234* (Tues.) 

Soft X-Ray Characterization of Organic Devices and Energy Materials

Harald Ade (NCSU) and Dean DeLongchamp (NIST)

Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy in Artificial Photosynthesis

Heinz Frei, Jinghua Guo, Zahid Hussain, Vittal Yachandra, and Junko Yano (LBNL)


Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy of  Energy Storage Materials

Zahid Hussain, Zhi Liu, and Wanli Yang (LBNL)
62-203* (Wed.)

Theory Institute for Photon Sciences (TIPS)

Zahid Hussain, Joel Moore, and David Prendergast (LBNL)

Workshop on Time-Resolved X-Ray Science at the ALS

Oliver Gessner, Ernie Glover, Markus Hertlein, Andreas Scholl (LBNL), Hendrik Ohldag (SSRL)
50 Auditorium


*new room assignments