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ALS Chemistry Labs

The ALS Chemistry Labs are located in the User Support Building (15-130) and in Building 6 (6-2233)*. These spaces are dedicated for chemistry work that involves higher quantities, higher toxicity or reactivity, and/or more complex work activity than is allowed on the ALS experiment floor. In addition, the great majority of hazardous chemicals at the ALS are stored in these facilities.

Standard chemical safety engineering, administrative and PPE controls are employed in these labs, including a thorough work review of all proposed activities there.

*While most work will be done in the new Lab in the USB (15-130), space will remain reserved in the old room (6-2233).


ALS Chemistry Laboratory Manager

Doug Taube
Tel: 510-486-4806
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


How To Gain Access to the ALS Chemistry Labs

  1. Complete the online course: EHS0348 Chemical Hygiene and Safety. Use the non-LDAP login and enter your badge number (if you have one) as employee ID.
  2. Fill out the ALS Chemistry Lab Access Authorization Form and submit it, at least one day prior to intended lab use, to the laboratory manager.
  3. Attend an in-person tour of the lab with the laboratory manager.
  4. Upon successful completion of these steps, card-key access will be granted.


Work Review and Authorization

The level of review is dependent upon the complexity and risk of the activity.

  • Simple operations such as obtaining chemicals or consumables require no review; the combination of the training and orientation provides enough information to allow this work to be done.
  • For all other work, complete the ALS Chemistry Lab Experiment Review Form for each task or experiment your group wishes to perform in the Chem Lab and submit it, at least one day prior of planned lab use, to the laboratory manager.
  • Low risk tasks such as using the sonicator only need to be reviewed the first time they are performed. These are typically covered during the orientation also. All other tasks require a review each time they are performed.
  • Contact the laboratory manager to guide you through this process.


If you think that you will need access to one of the Chemistry Labs during your experiment run, please contact the laboratory manager 1-2 weeks beforehand. This will help assure that the proper space and equipment are available. Depending upon the complexity and risk of the work, scheduling restrictions may be placed including requiring the work to be done during the day, with two people, and/or with direct safety personnel oversight.



An important part of the work review process will be to identify any possible hazardous waste streams that may be generated. Due to very strict regulatory oversight, it is important to correctly identify, store, and label all such materials. The Lab Manager will work very closely with you on this.

For more information about access and use of the labs, read the Chem Lab Safety Policy and/or contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it