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Safety for Users Print

Safety at the ALS

The mission of the ALS is "Support users in doing outstanding science in a safe environment." All users and staff participate in creating a culture and environment where performing research using the proper safeguards and fulfilling all safety requirements result in the success of the facility and its scientific program. The documents and guidance below will assist users and staff to achieve these goals.


How Do I...?

A series of fact sheets that explain what users need to know and do when preparing to conduct experiments at the ALS.

Complete Experiment Safety Documentation?

Complete Safety Training?

Bring and Use Electrical Equipment at the ALS?

Determine what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Wear?

Get Authorization to Work with Lasers at the ALS?

Ship Radioactive Materials to LBNL for Use at the ALS?

Work with Biological Materials?

Work with Chemicals?

Work with Regulated Soil?


Safety Organization and Contact Information

Organization chart with related safety functions and contact information for ALS safety support staff (floor operations, experiment coordinators, emergency team, etc.).


ALS Safety Plans

ALS Division Integrated Safety Management (ISM) Plan
ALS User Biology Program ISM Plan
ALS User Chem Lab Health and Safety Plan


Additional Safety Resources

LBNL/Pub-3000: Health and Safety Manual
Berkeley Lab safety guide, policies and procedures.

Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) Staff
Contact information for the lab-wide safety group.

Lessons Learned Summaries
Examples of safety incidents and corrective actions from the national laboratories.